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Deep Clean Services

With our Deep Clean Service, we provide you with an outstanding cleaning job at an affordable price. 

Our Top To Bottom Deep Cleaning Package is the most thorough cleaning service and has no preset time limit.

The most significant difference between the Deep Cleaning Package and our other cleaning packages is the amount of time and detail we spend cleaning what we refer to as your vertical surfaces.


Vertical surfaces include baseboards, trim work, interior windows, blinds,  light fixtures, and doors.

As with our other cleaning packages, your horizontal surfaces will also receive a thorough cleaning. Floors, tabletops, and exterior appliances will all be cleaned including a dusting of the area underneath objects located on your horizontal surfaces.

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When you request a deep cleaning service, you have to be sure that you will receive a cleaning from top to bottom and that everything in your house will be completely clean.

For More details , the Team Q Cleaning Services checklist is present below we have you covered..

We remove dust from the whole house , wiping all surfaces accessible including, wall and tables decorations 

Window cleaning inside and outside , clean ceiling fans , washing and dry walls

Your rate is based on details of your home such as square footage, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and the level of cleaning that is necessary.

this services include: remove dust from the whole house , clean decorations,pictures, wall washing , window inside and out (it possible) clean under all furniture , vacuum sofa, moving refry & stove to clean under them .. clean  oven , refrigerator inside ... etc 

Our dedicated cleaners are true professionals and make sure your home is transformed into a spotless place. They systematically review the space, develop a strategy to perform the job and waste no time in removing dirt, sanitizing, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning areas that never receive attention.

Team Q Cleaning Services, Corp. Provides a professional house cleaning service dedicated to making the lives of our clients safer, healthier and of course better. 

We also bring all cleaning supplies for FREE.

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"Deposited of $50 is required for booking (thank you for understands and trusting)"

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