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Regular Cleaning

Team Q Cleaning Services, Corp. Provides a professional house cleaning service dedicated to making the lives of our clients safer, healthier and of course better.

Every regular cleaning includes  bathroom, kitchen, common room, living room, and selected areas. We also bring all cleaning supplies for FREE.

All our Regular Cleanings include dusting and wiping of all reachable surfaces, (tables, chairs , mirrors , all decorative objects ) washing dishes / loading dishwashers ... wiping the outside of all kitchen appliances & cabinets, regular cleaning of the bathrooms, wash and disinfect toilets , showers and sink. (does not include walls)  sweep & mopping of all floors, vacuuming , Take out trash and recyclables.

Contact US Today For Any Questions

Phone:   +1-201-552-0434                    Email:





      Working Hours Available

Mon - Fri 9:00AM to 8:00PM

Sat - Sun: 9:00AM to 6:00PM

  • If you need to add some extra services, don't worry we offer affordable prices for everything you need..


    Oven inside +$30


    Refrigerator Inside +$35


    Closet Organized +$30 per hours


    Mattress Sanitized  +$65 each

"Deposited of $50 is required for booking (thank you for understands and trusting)"

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